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What does Cotton have to do with Tigers... The first Tiger Cotton® farmers lived and worked side by side with the great Bengal Tiger in Madhya Pradesh, India. Tiger Cotton® is named after them and the tiger is a symbol of all the biodiversity and wildlife that regenerate when a conventional farmer converts into organic. It started out as a pilot project in collaboration with WWF India and has now grown into a full scale product-line converting farmers all over India.

Sustainable & Recycled Products...

Steve Lee, Director

We’re constantly being told that plastic is suffocating the world,  climate is changing and that we are all...


With environmental responsibility laying heavily on our shoulders it makes sense for our businesses to demonstrate it takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously.

Chatting with a client in the aviation industry, I asked, “Have you considered using any recycled or sustainable products or clothing?” they replied, “Well, we’re one of the biggest polluters, how would that help!” I said, “There's nothing you can do about what you do, we all need the vital service aircraft provide, even Sir David Attenborough jets off to exotic places to tell us all about the damage we’re doing to our Earth, so, like them or loath them we need aircraft and they’re here to stay”.

So surely even making a small positive effort can go some way to offsetting a company’s carbon footprint, this must be better than doing nothing at all!

So where do we begin?...

Sustainability is no longer an add-on to a business, it’s upon which businesses and their reputations can be built.

Consumers seem to be changing too, we all want to feel good about the products we use, buy and sell. In an ideal world single use items wouldn’t exist, on the positive side is this is constantly improving. 

It’s shocking to note that only 1 in 400 paper coffee cups actually gets recycled. Consumers now have the choice of quality items manufactured from durable materials like stainless steel, recyclable plastics and borosilicate glass that can be used again and again, on the plus side for us they can be personalised too. 

What should we be doing?...

Many industries are cluttered with brands and services, all competing for the same market place. With everyone constantly pushing their own marketing messages and products, it can be so difficult to grab people’s attention and stand out. You may need to ask yourself, what makes my brand or service different from my competitors? Do I need to do something truly unique that makes my products or service stand out or be more desirable? This is probably the 64 million pound question but you need to look at your strengths to enhance upon them whilst still thinking green.

It’s a well-known truism that it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one! So a move to educating your existing client base on your own company’s sustainability ethics would be a great leap forward. You can then start building a stronger relationship with your customers in turn keeping them loyal to your brand or service. 

And finally...

I myself have woken up and smelt the coffee, in a recycled cup of course, and realise that we all need to be doing something about this. So here at FDR Promotions we're looking towards more suitable sustainable products and workwear, including the manufacturing ethics and materials used. We have even started not to individually plastic bag our garments and if we are required to do so we are looking to supply biodegradable bags.

This all takes time, as we can only provide and personalise what is being manufactured at present, this will be a continual learning curve but feel we need to play our part and start that eco ball rolling.

The personalised items we can provide...

Earth positive promotional merchandise and organic workwear tends to amplify your brand or service whilst taking into account factors such as reusability, recycling and sustainable responsiblity. 

Whether your next marketing campaign requires eco-friendly bags, branded reusable eco coffee cups or pens, even perhaps your workwear that can be organic or recycled too, the chances are we will have the environmentally positive product or garment that will suit your needs. 

These are just some of the Recycled or Eco Friendly products we do:

  • Recycled Pens & Pencils
  • Recycled Notepads
  • Cups, Bottles & General Drinksware
  • Keyrings & Badges
  • Bags
  • Lanyards
  • General Giveaways
  • Workwear
  • Jackets
  • T-Shirts
  • Polo Shirts