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How easy is this!

We have the facility to personalise and host your very own club shop to include your chosen garments which your members can safely and  securely purchase online. This can all be set up free of charge.

There's no need for club staff to do anything, it works for you 24/7, we simply process the transaction, produce the items and send out directly to your club members.

How it all works...

As well as ordering the traditional way by phone or email we can also accept orders via your own clubs website or our webshop which is custom made and personalised for your club. 

Once set up, we can either oversee the whole process or we automatically receive a duplicate copy of the order from your own clubs website.

We then produce the item/s and send directly out to your club member or customer. We have found this works particularly well as it is far less labour intense for your club staff, they usually have their day jobs to contend with and is working for you 24/7. By having a duplicate order it can be cross referenced so that the whole process is transparent, clear cut and trustworthy.

We also offer an international service for clubs with overseas members or customers, this is quite bespoke and can be tailored to specific requirements.

We supply:

We have a vast range of Regalia
  • Personalised Club Regalia
  • Event Clothing
  • Sew on Badges
  • Mugs & Coasters
  • Woven Badges
  • T-shirts, Polos & Sweats
  • Jog Pants & Hoodies
  • Fleeces & Jackets
  • Marshalls Hi-Viz Vests
  • Caps & Hats
  • Ties & Scarves
  • Event stall Merchandise
  • Bags & Umbrellas
  • Awards, Medals & Trophies

To a variety of clubs & organisations:

  • Classic & Vintage Car Clubs
  • Bike Clubs
  • Motorsports Clubs
  • 4x4 & Off Road Clubs
  • Motorcycle & Trike Clubs
  • Enduro & Motocross Clubs
  • HM Forces Sports Teams & Clubs
  • Horse Riding & Equestrian Clubs
  • Dog, Cat & Animal Clubs
  • Dance & Theatre Clubs
  • Shooting & Fishing Clubs
  • Sports & Outdoor Activity Clubs
  • Football, Rugby & Various Sports Teams & Clubs

Woven Ties               (approx. 14.5x8cm)
and made of 100% micro polyester