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Pens & Writing Instruments...

Pens, Pens, Pens… A fantastic tool for getting your details to clients both existing and potential.

Depending on your target market place it’s really down to what option you choose, the budgets could be very similar in all options.

➡ Option 1… High volume low unit cost to get your details to as many people as possible ideal for exhibition giveaways or mailshots etc.
➡ Option 2… Medium volume with a mid range cost. Focusing on people that are likely to use your services on a regular basis because they have your details constantly to hand.
➡ Option 3… Low volume, premium quality and higher unit value. Targeting management or valued people that are likely to keep and use the pen for many years.

It’s not much different in comparing a mass leaflet drop to a targeted mail-shot and then through to a quality brochure with accompanying personalised letter. Each option has its place within business it’s just choosing which is best suited for your project.

Anti-Bacterial Pen...

A simple thing like a pen pre-COVID-19 was never considered to be a risk factor and was often shared and used by many in it's life cycle. This has changed slightly as we move forward in our working environments, but during our busy working days this could quite easily be overlooked so a pen with an antibacterial agent within the plastic would pretty much eliminate any risk of onward contamination even from something as common as the cold.

The Beck Ball Pen...

The Beck Ball Pen

Available in 14 colours with a personalisation area of 40x20mm the pen is 137mm long and 10mm in diameter.

Personalised from 59p each